Ace: excellent; a person who is very skilled at something
Mach: a measurement of speed that is calculated by dividing the speed of an object,
= Top tech team + rapid inspection capabilities/customer service
The AMT name is derived from Ace (elite performance) and Mach (speed); it speaks to our outstanding products and rapid inspection technologies that lead the market in Taiwan and offer clients with optimal solutions.
The organization underwent structural changes and AceMach updated its corporate logo at the end of 2020. The corporate identity system was transformed from a dark palette into vibrant colors to identify with our young and innovative approach. The letters A&M were merged together to form a mountain range that continues to scale upwards and a stream of water that continues to push onwards. The massive energy contained between the mountains and waters symbolizes AceMach’s commitment to growing our product and services.
We’ve changed! A new logo represents our commitment to continue moving forward with the same missions that we’ve held onto since the very beginning. We expect to be consistently pouring out technologies with higher specifications, innovating as the industry evolves, and progressing alongside industry giants.